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Dana Feinberg



A little girl named Dana entered a Broadway theater for the first time. The year was 1995, and the show was Grease. Little did she know what was in store for her, because this revival included an audience dance competition before the show even began. Her younger brother leapt to his feet, eager to strut his stuff, but little Dana was shy. With some encouragement from her parents and a few kind audience members, she went up onto the stage with her brother. When Dana hit the stage however, it was true magic. All of her fears went away, and she grooved along to the music with pure joy. It was her energy, along with her adorable brother, that won them the competition! She went home that day not only with an oversized Rydel High t-shirt, but the memory of standing on a Broadway stage. And she has been standing on a stage ever since!

Other fun tidbits:

*She performed at Carnegie Hall in Middle School with her Synagogue Youth Chorus

*You can buy her on iTunes! Check out her media page to hear the original song “Our World” from the audio book, After the Quest

*She headlined a cabaret at Don't Tell Mama in NYC

*She earned SAG-AFTRA eligibility by doing background work in TV and Film

*She has performed at Avery Fisher Hall twice